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We are Hola Language Learning-a young, exciting organisation set up in order to share a love for languages! Our aim is to show the children of North Devon that languages are fun, interesting and rewarding to learn and to study, through our awesome summer camps.

We are back and running-camp week this year is the 8th-12th August!

Where we are:

Hola Language Learning is based from founder Sam Dunbavin's house, 1 Prospect Place, Bratton Fleming. We have a huge extension, garden, and park, in which your children will be learning how to speak German and Spanish! Our ethos is to teach children in situations that they recognise and in which they will learn language that will be useful for their future. 


Did you know...

It has been proven that kids who learn a foreign language from a young age have a larger vocabulary and a better accent than those that don't.

Enrolling your child onto one of our language courses will give them a kick-start in their language learning, increase their oral comprehension of the language and show them that foreign languages can be FUN! Through our active learning programme, your children will begin to learn Key Stage 3 topics such as clothes, times and weather, through a mix of games, team activities and songs, taught exclusively in the target language. 

Our Summer Camp Ethos: Active Learning

Active Learning is the ethos around which Hola revolves. Our courses are not like school. The closest thing that we can compare them to is a summer camp-exclusively in another language. The technique works by using the kids' natural competitive spirit, and getting them to compete for points and prizes throughout the entire duration of the Hola camp. This competitive element brings out the language in otherwise reserved children, and puts them on the spot, encouraging them to contribute, to help their team out. It also means that they associate language learning with cool, fun activities that they do with friends, rather than rote learning out of a book!

3 great reasons to enrol your child on our courses:

A great start

We focus on giving your child a solid language base to learn from. From the very first day, we introduce elements of conversation, appropriate grammatical structures and key vocabulary. We then reinforce them throughout the duration of the camp, so that by the end of the course they have an excellent language base from which to improve on further!

Travel & Work

In an ever-widening world, languages are key to opening up the path to millions of job opportunities and hundreds of places to visit. Languages are increasingly being cited by employers as one of the key skills that they look for in applicants. As for travel, think of all the undiscovered, non-anglicised places you can go if you can speak the native's language! To get your child started on their journey, sign them up to a course now.

Because it's fun!

We can't think of anything more challenging, yet rewarding, than learning a language. Having your first conversation  ordering your first meal and even watching your first film in a foreign language are all experiences that we will never forget, achievements and milestones that are incredibly satisfying. Add to that, learning languages with new friends, in a fun summer setting, by singing songs, playing games and acting your own theatre pieces, and you create a magical experience!

2016 Courses:

8th-9th August:
KS3 German-12 spots..
10th-12th August (AM):
KS1 Spanish. 6 spots left!!
10th-12th August (PM):
KS2 Spanish-12 spots left..

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